Utilities data management is a core component of UnderScope Map, designed to management a wide range of data, including utilities and accessories, works and damages, and various features.

  •   Utility static data
  •   Inspection data
  •   Failure data
  •  Accessories data management
  •   Field management
  •   Substations data
  •   History
  •   Export in Excel / CSV / Json
  •   Google map editor
  •    Energy / Power plants informations

Utilities lines

► Electricity lines
► Water pipes
► Natural gas pipelines
► Petroleum

► Phone cables
► Telecommunication
► Sewer Drail lines
► Signal lines, alarm or conduitlighting cables

► Fibre optic cables
► Sewage and drain lines
► Reclaimed water, irrigation, and slurry lines
► Other gaseous or flammable material

Solution for

Utilities providers

Utilities Locating

Utilities Construction