Underscope map is a cross-platform data management software designed for utility industry.It simplifies utilities data management (electricity, communications, water), facilitates precise utility locating, optimizes product distributions (e.g., pumps, transformers, valves), and enhances utilities construction management.

UnderScope Map has four main functionalities

  • 1.Utilities data management - is a core component of UnderScope Map, designed to management a wide range of data, including utilities and accessories, works and damages, and various features.
  • 2. Products distribution and inventory management
  • 3. Utility locating management. Ticketing system process of requesting and managing utility locates before excavation or construction projects.
  • 4. Utilities works management


  • ► Public utilities services (electrical suppliers, water distributions ...)
  • ► Utilities products manufactures and wholesallers
  • ► Sensor Manufacturers
  • ► Local authorities